Minnesota Small Estate Affidavit (Form PRO202)

Once completed, a Minnesota Small Estate Affidavit (for Collection of Personal Property) can be presented to any person or business (such as a bank or stock company) that is in possession of property or owes a debt to the deceased individual (the Decedent) named in the Affidavit. This form is for exclusive use by either by a) a person that was named as a recipient of the property by the Decedent in their will, or b) a person who may be entitled in accordance with state law to the property, such as the Decedent’s spouse, child, or parents.

Useful Resources

The Minnesota Judicial Branch provides a PDF of instructions for correctly completing and filing a Minnesota Small Estate Affidavit.

Laws & Required Conditions

Laws: § 524.3-1201

Maximum Estate Value: $75,000

Required Conditions: The primary required conditions for a Minnesota Small Estate Affidavit (Form PRO202) to be processed are summarized below:

  • Thirty (30) days must have elapsed since the Decedent’s death (in cases where the Decedent’s property is the contents of a safe deposit box, thirty (30) days must have elapsed since the filing of an inventory of the contents of the box in line with § 524.3-1201,
  • No real property is subject to the estate claim,
  • A certified death record of the Decedent must be presented alongside the Affidavit,
  • There is no existing or planned application or petition for the appointment of a personal representative, and
  • The claiming Successor is within their rights to claim the estate, as per state law provisions.