Rhode Island Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

With an ever-growing number of personal and professional demands to deal with, it has become increasingly common for parents and guardians to rely on their help of their family and friends to help out with the care of their child. That is why many choose to create a Rhode Island Minor Child Power of Attorney (POA). It serves as a record that they have decided to temporarily delegate decision making powers regarding their child to another party (the Agent). There are a multitude of benefits for recording this arrangement in this POA, such as the fact that because it is legally-binding contract complete with legal obligations, the Agent is obligated by law to carry out their role in a responsible manner.

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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Rhode Island Short Form Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 18-16-2) – State law dictates that for a Power of Attorney to be lawful, the Principal must sign and acknowledge it. In line with general recommendations given to the Principal of a Power of Attorney, it is highly advised that the Principal signs the Power of Attorney before a Notary Public and two (2) witnesses.