New Mexico Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The New Mexico Power of Attorney for a Minor Child is a legally-binding document that is supported by state law. Specifically, § 45-5-104 provides for parents or guardians to delegate any powers relevant to their minor child or the protected person under their care to another party. These powers may regard their “care, custody or property.” As the party who will act in the place of the parents or guardians will only be obliged to act in accordance with the provisions that have been detailed in the Power of Attorney for a Minor Child form, the parents or guardians should take due care when compiling such provisions.

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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Probate Code

Signing Requirements (§ 45-5-104) – No signing requirements are stated in state law. However, to protect the interests of the parents/guardians and their children, it is strongly recommended that the parents/guardians sign the form before a Notary Public and two (2) disinterested witnesses.