New Mexico General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

The New Mexico Statutory General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a contract that lawfully makes a record of a relationship between a party named the Principal and a party named the Agent. The relationship involves the Agent performing one or several financial acts on the Principal’s behalf—of which must always reflect their best interests. As § 45-5B-104 states, any Power of Attorney created under the New Mexico Uniform Power of Attorney Act is legally considered to be durable unless it expressly provides that it is terminated by the incapacity of the principal. The form provided here expressly indicates its non-durable nature, meaning that it is suitable for anyone who does not want to create a Durable Power of Attorney.

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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 45-5B-105) – It is a requirement that a Power of Attorney is signed by the Principal before a Notary Public or another individual who is authorized by law to take acknowledgments. Another individual can sign on the Principal’s behalf in their conscious presence, as long as the Principal directs them to do so.