Nebraska Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form

If an individual (the Principal) seeks to either ask an individual or hire a company (the Agent) to oversee matters pertaining to their property in their stead, they should do so using a Nebraska Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney. Recording the terms of any legally-binding relationship in a written legal document is critical in order to ensure legal compliance, namely with the Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act, and specifically, § 30-4027. This provision notes the circumstances an Agent may act on the Principal’s behalf e.g. buying, leasing, selling, managing, and insuring their property.

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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act (Sections 30-4001 to 30-4045)

Signing Requirements (§ 30-4005) – In line with state law, it is mandatory for a POA to signed or marked by the Principal before a Notary Public or other authorized individual. The POA may be signed by another individual other than the Principal in their conscious presence, so long as the Principal has directed them to do so.