Nebraska Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles allows, via the execution of a Nebraska Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney, for vehicle or motorboat owners to appoint someone to be their Attorney-in-Fact. The Attorney-in-Fact will be responsible for fulfilling one of the following purposes:

  • Transfer ownership of the named vehicle/motorboat, or
  • Make application for title and registration of the named vehicle/motorboat.

The owner will need to provide the vehicle/motorboat’s respective year, make, and VIN or HIN in order for the Department to file their Power of Attorney request.


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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act (Sections 30-4001 to 30-4045)

Signing Requirements – The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles requires that the vehicle or motor boat owner sign the form before a Notary Public, who must acknowledge their signature with their signature and seal.

How to Write