Nebraska Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

The Nebraska Minor Child Power of Attorney is a legal instrument for parents to appoint another individual to perform a range of actions, all of which are linked to the provision of care to their child. These actions may include:

  • Performing tasks in a parental capacity,
  • Providing consent to the child’s medical care and treatment, and
  • Providing consent for school-related matters.

The individual the parents appoint is legally referred to as the Agent. The Agent must be someone the parents can entrust to dutifully uphold any responsibilities they have been charged with.

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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act (Sections 30-4001 to 30-4045)

Signing Requirements (§ 30-4005) – In line with state law, it is mandatory for a POA to signed or marked by the Principal before a Notary Public or other authorized individual. The POA may be signed by another individual other than the Principal in their conscious presence, so long as the Principal has directed them to do so.