North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney Form

The North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney (Medical POA) is a legal avenue for an individual to make a Power of Attorney focused on their future health care. Specifically, an individual, as the Principal to this legal arrangement, can bestow a Health Care Agent the authority to make health care decisions on their behalf in so far as they would make themselves. As the Health Care Agent is only authorized to begin their role if the Principal enters into a state of incapacity, it is important that the Principal clearly spells out exactly what their health care wishes are. Pursuant to § 32A-19, they may be in relation to such matters as “withholding or discontinuing life-prolonging measures and the power to authorize the giving or withholding of mental health treatment.”


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State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Health Care Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements (§ 32A-16(3)) – The Health Care Power of Attorney must be:

  • Signed by the Principal,
  • Witnessed by two (2) qualified witnesses, and
  • Acknowledged before a Notary Public.