Washington Non-Disclosure Agreement

Download our Washington Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect confidential information or Trade Secrets from the public and competitors. Whether you are hiring a new employee or entering into a partnership, requiring an NDA be signed ensures both you and any involved parties are clear on exactly what can and cannot be shared with outside entities. In the event the parties are required to attend litigation because of a breach of contract, understanding Washington’s laws regarding misappropriation can be invaluable; we have provided an overview of Washington’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act to aid in your understanding.

Trade Secret Law

Washington’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act (Title 19 Chapter 19.108) is the law dictating how misappropriation of Trade Secrets are handled in the courts and includes information ranging from remedies, definitions, attorney’s fees, and other useful details. Below are all sections of the act with a short description of each.

  • § 19.108.010 – Definitions of key terms seen commonly throughout the chapter
  • § 19.108.020 – When the court will order an injunction to stop a trade secret from being abused. One of the two remedies for misappropriation
  • § 19.108.030 – Describes when the complainant can be awarded damages, the other remedy for misappropriation
  • § 19.108.040 – States when the court will pay the winning party’s attorney’s fees
  • § 19.108.050 – What the court will do to ensure trade secrets and confidential information is kept from third parties
  • § 19.108.060 – How long a victim of misappropriation has to bring a case after discovering the misuse of their information
  • § 19.108.900 – Describes how Chapter 19.108 affects other laws
  • § 19.108.910 – Conveys that the chapter was adopted by the general Uniform Trade Secrets Act and is meant to be in line with the other state’s Trade Secret laws
  • § 19.108.920 – The title of the chapter
  • § 19.108.930 – States the chapter took place on January 1st, 1982, and that the chapter only applies to misappropriation that occurred after that date

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – Starting with the first page of the form, enter the Current Date. Then, have both parties provide their Names and Addresses.

Step 3 – To put the contract into effect, have the parties enter their Printed NamesTitles, followed by their Signed and Dated names.