Tennessee Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Tennessee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) gives business owners and other professionals a means to protect sensitive trade secrets and confidential information from the public and competitors. The contract legally binds the parties and strictly lists what can and cannot be shared – in the event information is leaked, the party disclosing the information can take the other party to court claiming breach of contract.

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Trade Secret Law

To aid you in completing our NDA and give you an understanding of how Tennessee’s courts handle stolen trade secrets, we have included a brief breakdown of all four sections of the state’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act (Title 47 Chapter 25) below.

  • § 47-25-1701 – Gives the title of the chapter, which is the “Uniform Trade Secrets Act”
  • § 47-25-1702 – To prevent any possible confusion, this section gives the definitions of “Improper Means,” “Misappropriation,” “Person,” and “Trade secret”
  • § 47-25-1703 – Goes over injunctive relief and when the court will issue and terminate an injunction
  • § 47-25-1704 – Describes the situations in which damages will be awarded to the victim of misappropriation

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the contract. Two formats are available for download, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – After reading through the contract and ensuring all parties agree on the provisions contained within it, begin by entering the Current Date at the top of the first page. Then, have both the party sharing the Trade Secrets (the “Disclosing Party”) and the party learning them (the “Receiving Party”) write their Names and Addresses in the designated fields.

Step 3 – On the bottom of the final page, the parties will need to enter their Printed Names followed by their Titles within their respective businesses. Then, the parties will need to Sign and Date the agreement, officially making the contract binding.