Nevada Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Nevada Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) gives companies and individuals a means to share confidential information without worry that the entity learning the information will share it with the public or competitors. This is especially valuable in business, where you may need to share sensitive company information with a prospective buyer, give newly hired employees access to highly restricted data within the company, or sharing a new product’s plans with a client before obtaining a patent. Regardless of the situation in which you will be using the contract, our NDA has all the essentials for ensuring you and your company are protected in the event your company secrets are exposed.

Trade Secret Law

Nevada’s Chapter 600A (§§ 010 – § 100) covers how the state’s courts handle misappropriation of trade secrets. Being one of the 49 states to adopt the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, Nevada’s law reflects other state’s adoption of the act accordingly. Below is a brief overview of all twelve (12) sections of the chapter.

  • 600A.010 – The title of Chapter 600A (the “Uniform Trade Secrets Act”)
  • 600A.030 – Gives the definitions of “Improper Means,” “Misappropriation,” “Owner,” “Person,” and “Trade Secret”
  • 600A.032 – The owner (of a trade secret) must make a worthy attempt at keeping the trade secret(s) from being exposed to outsiders
  • 600A.035 –  Lists the six (6) things that an individual has to do to consider the theft of a trade secret criminal
  • 600A.040 – When the court will an injunction to stop a trade secret from being used by a third (3rd) party
  • 600A.050 – What constitutes having the complainant receive damages
  • 600A.055 – How the court views trade secrets that have been posted online
  • 600A.060 – The three (3) situations in which the court will pay for the winning party’s attorney’s fees
  • 600A.070 – A list of the steps the court will take to protect trade secrets from being exposed during litigation
  • 600A.080 – The statute of limitations for bringing a case of misappropriation, which is three (3) years
  • 600A.090 – How Chapter 600A affects other laws within Nevada’s Legislature.
  • 600A.100 – States the Trade Secret Act does not apply to cases before July 1st, 1987 (including those that continue past that date)

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the NDA. For a format that is easier to edit, we recommend our Microsoft Word (.docx) format. For completing and signing the contract digitally, our Adobe PDF (.pdf) version is the better option. Once downloaded, read through the contract and make any adjustments as necessary. When all involved parties agree on terms and conditions of the agreement, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Starting at the top of the first (1st) page, enter the full Date, including the Day, Month, and Year. Now, have both parties involved write their Full Names and Addresses. We recommend the parties sign as a company (if possible), as it can move liability away from them personally onto their business.



Step 3 – Head to the last page of the contract. Looking at the bottom, have the parties write their Printed Names, their Titles within their companies (leave blank if not applicable), and the Date they will be writing their signature. Now, have the parties Sign their names. Once done, the contract will be in full effect.