Nebraska Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our Nebraska Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) gives individuals and companies a way to protect purposely-shared Trade Secrets (confidential information) without concern that the entity learning the secret information will share it with third (3rd) parties, such as competitors. The binding agreement sets out what can and cannot be shared after a certain date, and can be used in the court of law if any information is leaked without the sharing party’s approval. Below we have outlined Nebraska’s laws regarding trade secrets and included a brief how-to for completing the NDA in either PDF or Word formats.

Trade Secret Law

Nebraska’s Trade Secret Act (§§ 87-501 to § 87-507) consists of seven (7) sections that cover how the state’s courts view misappropriation (theft) of trade secrets. Understanding the law is paramount if you are signing an NDA in the state, or you will be conducting business in Nebraska while bound under an NDA. Below you will find a brief overview of all seven sections the Act.

  • § 87-501 – The title of the act, which is the “Trade Secrets Act”
  • § 87-502 – Gives the definitions of four (4) commonly used terms throughout the sections
  • § 87-503 – Covers injunctions, and situations in which the court will issue one
  • § 87-504 – When the complainant will be entitled to recover damages
  • § 87-505 – What the court does to keep the integrity of trade secrets during proceedings
  • § 87-506 – How long a complainant has to bring a case of misappropriation after discovering it (4 years)
  • § 87-507 – States the Act only applies to misappropriation occurring after July 9th, 1988

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the agreement in either Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 2 – Have both the Receiving Party (learning the trade secret) and the Disclosing Party (sharing the trade secret) read through the entire contract. Make any edits until both parties agree on the terms and conditions. Once the contract is in its final version, head to the next step.

Step 3 – Enter the current Date. Next, starting with the Disclosing Party, have them enter their Name and Address. Repeat this for the Receiving Party.

Step 4 – Heading to the bottom of the second (2nd) page, both parties will need to write their Printed NamesTitles (within their companies), and the Dates they are completing the contract. Then, both will need to Sign their names in the designated space. Once the last signature has been written, the contract will then go into full effect.