Simple (Blank) Invoice

A Simple Invoice is a document used to charge a customer for purchased services and products with the lowest number of fields possible. The template is designed to give the issuer complete control on the appearance and structure of the invoice, allowing it to contain fields unique to the issuing company. To complete the invoice without customization, check out the how-to guide for PDF and Word below.

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How to write in Adobe PDF and Word:

Step 1 – Download the Simple Invoice in PDF or Word.

Step 2 – Enter you or your company’s name in the top, left-hand corner, followed by your contact information to the right.

Step 3 – Directly below, enter billed client’s contact followed by the date the invoice was issued.

Step 4 – If you sold any products to your client, enter a brief description of the product, the amount of product sold, and the unit cost of said item. The ‘Amount’ field will automatically calculate in the PDF version. In the word version, this number will have to be calculated manually by multiplying the quantity fields by the unit cost fields. Repeat this process for the service table directly below.

Step 5 – The PDF version will calculate the final ‘TOTAL’ value. In the Word version, add up both the product total and service total fields.

Step 6 – Enter any notes or requests for the billed customer. Examples include payment information, thank-yous, and the amount of time the client has to pay the invoice.