Hotel Invoice

Hotel Invoice is used to charge guests for their stays at hotels, motels, and hostels. It can be used to charge for several rooms at differing costs per night. This is useful for families, parties, teams, and other groups who need to rent out multiple rooms. The Invoice includes areas for both the Hotel and paying guest’s contact information. Because we have made all four versions of our template easily editable, changes can be made to ensure the invoice accurately meets your needs quickly and efficiently.

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How to Write in PDF & Word

Before heading to the first step, download the Hotel Invoice in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 1 – Company Name & Contact Info

Start by entering the Name of the company and the company’s Contact Information. This includes the Full AddressPhone number, Fax number, Email, and Website.

Step 2 – Client’s Contact Info

Next, enter the client’s Contact Information. This includes the Invoice Number, the Date the invoice the invoice will be issued to the client, the client’s Full Name, and Phone Number.

Step 3 – Rooms & Expenses

In the table, start by entering the Room Number of each space rented. Then, enter the Room Style (1 bed, 2 bed, etc.), the number of Nights in each room, the Cost Per Night of each room, and the Amount per rented room. Sum the Amount column to calculate the Subtotal, then add on any Sales Tax to calculate the TOTAL invoice amount.

Step 4 – Comments

Finally, enter the number of Days the client has to pay the full invoice amount (after receiving the invoice) and enter any Comments for the guests, such as accepted payments or a thank-you for choosing to stay at your location.