Electrician Invoice

Download the Electrician Invoice to charge for the electrical services you provide to both residential and commercial customers. The invoice allows for the billing of both services and materials that were required for the job. This invoice can be used to charge for almost every type of electrician service, including lighting installation, backup power, code compliance, energy saving lighting, computer wiring, internet wiring, generator installation, underground wiring, and many more. You can use our electrician invoice as a form of a quote by estimating all the costs before the work is done. Look below for our how-to to understand how the invoice is completed in both PDF and Word formats.

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How to Complete in PDF & Word

Before heading to the first step, you will need to download the Electrician Invoice in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 1 – Enter the Name of the company in the upper-left hand side. If no company name, leave it blank. Directly to the right, enter the Contact Details of the company or freelancer completing the service.

Step 2 – For the ‘Bill To’ section, start by entering the Invoice Number, then enter the Issue Date (the date you will be issuing the invoice to the client) followed by the Due Date (the date the invoice is due).

Step 3 – Ignore the ‘Invoice Total’ box if using the PDF version – that will automatically show up on a later step. Head to the first table titled ‘Required Materials,’ and enter the Items that were required to complete the job. It is recommended to not include tools here – only include items that are perishable or used directly for the job. Enter the Quantity of the items purchased, a brief Description of each item, the Unit Price of a single item, and finally calculate the total Amount per type of item. The PDF version will calculate the ‘Amount’ column, but you will need to calculate manually if using the Word version.

Step 4 – Head to the ‘Labor’ section. Here, enter the services that you provided for the customer. This includes the number of Hours worked for each service, a short Description of the service, the Cost Per Hour (your rate) of each service, and finally complete the Amount column as was done in the third (3) step. Enter any Sales Tax at the bottom of the document, and sum the Subtotal (Total Material + Total Labor) and the Sales Tax to find the TOTAL invoice amount. If using the PDF version, these fields will automatically calculate.

Step 5 – At the bottom of the document, enter the Number of Days the payment is due followed by any Comments you may have for the client. Typically included in this section is payment instructions or a thank-you to the client for using your services. You have now completed the Electrician Invoice, and can either print or send digitally.