Consultant Invoice

The Consultant Invoice is a document that is used to request payment for consulting services, record the personal information of the client and consultant, and layout the payment terms to the client. The template can be downloaded in either PDF, Word, RTF, and Excel, and can be fully customized to the needs of the consultant. The invoice allows the consultant to charge for both their hourly services and any miscellaneous costs that were incurred during the job.

Below is a simple how-to guide for completing the Consultant Invoice in both PDF and Word.

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How to Write in PDF & Word

Step 1 – To start, download the invoice in either PDF (.pdf) or Word (.docx) format.

Step 2 – Enter the company contact information and name (if no company name – leave blank or enter personal name).

Step 3 – For the ‘Bill To’ section, enter the client’s full name and address, their phone number, the invoice number, their customer ID, and the date that the invoice will be issued. Note, this is the date that the “Due in  __# of days” will be started from.

Step 4 – Proceed by entering the services that were completed for the client. These are typically billed as hourly – if not, enter them into the ‘Other Charges’ table. In the PDF version, the ‘Amount’ field will automatically calculate. In the Word version, you will need to multiply both the ‘Hours’ and ‘$ / Hour’ fields together to get the ‘Amount’ values.

Step 5 – Add up the ‘Service Total’ and ‘Other Total’ cells to calculate the ‘Subtotal’ field. Add in any Sales Tax, and enter the result into the ‘TOTAL’ field.

Step 6 – Finish up the invoice by adding any comments for the buyer (such as payment instructions) and enter the number of days the client has to pay the invoice in full. Typically, consultants give clients at least 15 days before requiring the invoice to be paid.