Catering Invoice

Download the Catering Invoice in one of 4 formats to bill your clients for your catering and hosting services. This template has a wide range of uses and can be used to account for food costs, rental costs, employee wages (for hired help), and travel costs – all in addition to the base catering price.


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What can you charge with our Invoice?

Here is just a sample of the different types of catering people have used our invoice for:

  • Buffet Style Catering
  • Cocktails Receptions
  • Weddings
  • Social Events
  • Corporate Catering

Our Catering Invoice can also be used as a quote – giving your client a chance to see the expected costs beforehand. Doing this ensures both parties are on the same page and typically improves the relationship between client and provider. To download an invoice made specifically for quoting, check out our Proforma Invoice.

How to Write in Adobe PDF and Word

Step 1 – Begin by downloading the Catering Invoice in either PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.dotx). Then, enter the details of your catering company into the header area. This includes the Company Name and the contact details of the company.

Step 2 – Enter the client’s contact information in the ‘Bill To’ section. You will need to enter the buyer’s Invoice Number, Name, Full Address, Customer ID (can also enter an email into this area), and the client’s Phone Number.

Step 3 – Next, enter the name of the Salesperson responsible for arranging and providing the catering services, the Delivery Date (or when the event will be held), the Terms (when the invoice will go into effect – for example, you could enter “Due on 1 day after service”), and finally, the Due Date (when the invoice is actually due).

Step 4 – For the main table, enter the Quantity (number of services/packages purchased), a brief Description of each service, the Unit Price of each service, and finally the Amount for each service offered.

Step 5 – Enter the Subtotal by adding up the ‘Amount’ column, enter the Sales Tax for your state (if applicable), enter any Shipping Costs, then, sum them up to have the ‘TOTAL’ invoice amount. Finally, you can enter the Remaining Days (optional – as you already entered in Step 3) and any Comments for the client – such as a personal thank-you, or payment instructions.

You have now completed the Catering Invoice!