Carpet Cleaning Invoice

Download the Carpet Cleaning Invoice to charge for your cleaning services, which can range from spot treatments to full commercial-sized jobs. For servicing specialty rugs or carpets, or for customers who would like a specific cleaning procedure, the invoice includes a section for listing out customer requests. Because each cleaning company has different offerings and structure, we designed all four of our template formats (PDF, Word, RTF, and Excel) to be easy to navigate and completely editable.


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How to Write in PDF and Word

Step 1

Download the invoice in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Working from the top-down, enter the Invoice Number for the job, your company details in the upper-left, followed by the details of the client on the right. Entering the client’s contact information allows you to inform them when their rug is ready for pickup, or contact them regarding payment issues.

Step 3

Next, enter the name of the salesperson who either received the rug for cleaning or scheduled a cleaning service. Enter the Terms (ex: ‘Net 30’ would mean the customer has 30 days to pay the invoice).

Step 4

Enter the services that were rendered for the client. Give a short Description of the of the service, the Number of services done, and the Cost per service. Total up the costs in the ‘Amount’ column and enter the result into the ‘Subtotal’ cell. Add on the Sales Tax, and enter the result into the Total cell.

Step 5

Towards the bottom of the document, enter the date you will be giving the invoice to the client. Then, enter the number of days from the issue date that the invoice will be due. Finally, enter any comments for the customer (such as giving gratitude for choosing your service or payment instructions). You have now completed the Carpet Cleaning Invoice!