Business Invoice

The Business Invoice allows companies to charge clients for the products they sell. Because each company has their own color schemes and custom field needs, the invoice has been left as plain as possible – while also including everything an official invoice requires. Included in the Business Invoice Template are the following:

  • Both the Company and Client’s contact information
  • Table to list out purchased items
  • Sales Tax and Shipping Cost fields
  • Note area for payment due date and other misc. information
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Before heading to the first step, download the Business Invoice in either PDF or Word.

Step 1 – At the top of the page, enter the name of the company issuing the invoice followed by the Company AddressEmailPhone Number, and Website. If a field doesn’t apply for your company, simply leave it blank – as it will not harm the integrity of the document.

Step 2 – Directly below, enter the billed customer’s AddressPhone Number, and Email. To the right, enter the Date the invoice will be issued.

Step 3 – In the table, enter a brief Description of the item(s) being sold, the Quantity of the items being sold, the Unit Cost (cost per item), and finally the Amount, which is the [Quanity X Unit Cost]. Sum the Amount column and enter the value into the Subtotal cell. Then, enter the Sales Tax for your state, any Shipping Costs, and add up the three previous cells to calculate the TOTAL invoice amount.

Step 4  In the Instructions box, enter the amount of time the buyer has to pay the invoice in full and any other information the seller would like the client to know. Examples include a personal thank-you to the buyer, an address for the buyer to send the payment, or a correction to a listed amount.