Auto Repair (Mechanic) Invoice

An Auto Repair Invoice is a document sent to a customer that lists out the labor and part costs involved with the repair of their motor vehicle. It can be used for both full and part-time technicians and companies. To prevent the client from experiencing confusion in regards to any billed amounts or parts, it is good practice to issue an invoice before the service is completed. While the invoice doesn’t need to match the final total exactly, it should be a close representation. Both the PDF and Excel versions offer built-in calculations, which calculate the total amounts across rows. For help with completing the invoice, below is a how-to for the PDF and Word formats.

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How to Write in PDF & Word

Step 1 – Start by downloading the Mechanic Invoice in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Step 2 – At the top of the page, enter either the repair shop name or the mechanic’s name (if doing freelance work). Then enter the company or mechanic’s contact information in the upper-right of the page.

Step 3 – In the next section, enter the information of the individual that is being billed.

Step 4 – Now, you can begin entering the parts you purchased for the job – and would like compensation for. The PDF form was created so the ‘Amount’ column would automatically calculate – if using the Word version, multiply the number of parts by their unit price and enter the result into the ‘Amount’ column.

Step 5 – Similar to the above, enter the time spent working on the vehicle that you would like to be paid for. Enter the number of hours worked, a brief description of what the work entailed, and the rate at which you are charging. Multiply the hours by the rate to calculate the value(s) for the ‘Amount’ column.

Step 6 – Sum both the part and labor ‘Amount’ columns, and enter the value into the ‘Subtotal’ cell. Add on any Sales Tax to the Subtotal, and enter the result into the ‘TOTAL’ cell. If using the Word version, enter the ‘TOTAL’ value into the ‘INVOICE TOTAL’ field to the right of the ‘Bill To’ section.

Step 7 – Enter any comments for that client, such as payment methods or other vehicle-related info. Then enter the number of days the customer has before the invoice is due in full.